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Our focus is on investing in software, e-commerce, healthcare IT and mobile companies in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Beyond that, selected portfolio companies typically meet criteria with what we call "The Three M's."


Combined, our partners have over 100 years of extensive experience in the market as investors, board members, entrepreneurs and executives. We have a diverse set of skills including mergers & acquisitions, operations, marketing, sales, public relations and finance.


For over 15 years we have invested in software and internet companies. While we are known as early stage investors, we have been opportunistic and invested in seed and later stage companies. We are most focused on great entrepreneurs where we quickly understand the idea and we feel we can add a lot of value.


Since we launched our firm in late 2000, our focus has been on helping outstanding entrepreneurs build great companies. We are rooted in the strong belief that the entrepreneur is the customer and honored by the list of entrepreneurs that have selected us.


Our initial investments have ranged from as little as $35k to as much as $1 million. Typically, we invested $500k initially and $1.5 million over the life of a company. While we have focused on early-stage companies we always considered later stage opportunities and spinouts in which we partnered with larger VC funds.

We deployed a very disciplined investment strategy, partnering with companies where we had significant knowledge and domain expertise. These industries include: software, e-commerce, digital media, mobile and healthcare IT. We were often the first investor to become involved with a company.

We carefully selected and limited the number of companies in which we invested to ensure that our portfolio companies get the attention and resources they need to succeed. This unique approach gives us one of the highest partner-to-company ratios in the industry.


100 East Six Forks Road, Suite 200

Raleigh, NC  27609


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