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Our focus is on investing in software, e-commerce, healthcare IT and mobile companies in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Beyond that, selected portfolio companies typically meet the following criteria with what we call "The Three M's":

We are looking for experienced, creative and driven leadership. They should share our passion for success and have significant knowledge of their markets and technologies as well as proven business management experience in an entrepreneurial environment.

The market that the idea or company is targeting should be large, growing rapidly and sustainable. The company must possess either a first-mover advantage, have a product or service that is remarkably distinct from the competition or addresses a critical market need. We also look for shifts in the market that may benefit the company. The company also needs to operate in an industry we understand and can add significant value.

We look for momentum in the business. This doesn't have to be revenue. Just as examples, it can be customer wins, user growth, key hires, adding new critical board members or press recognition. We want to see that the business isn't the same today as it was even just 90 days ago.

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